New Release — The Music Mage

The first book in the Ravanmark Saga, The Music Mage, is now available!

Art is power,
Music is magic,
And people are not what they seem.

When powerful and charismatic painter Lord Malrec brings newly-unemployed music teacher Alannys Gale to Ravanmark, it seems to be the answer to her prayers.

But Lord Malrec has plans for her…plans that may not be as noble as they appear. A plot unfolds in darkness against the powerful and secretive royal family, and her newfound power may be the key to its execution.
But can she refuse?

And can she survive the consequences if she does?

In a world with magic whose true power is shrouded in the mists of time, and whose people are not always what they seem, Alannys must find the strength and the courage to harness her power and shape her own destiny as the Music Mage.

You can find it live right now in these places, although more links are coming up in more stores all the time:




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The Crystal Cave – a Fantasy novella

The Crystal Cave is now available through Onda Mountain Books.

As part of the re-release with Onda Mountain Books, the book has had a cover redesign.  We’ve stayed close to the original cover art to avoid confusing readers, but we think you’ll appreciate the bold styling of our new design.

What is a novella?  Great question!  A novella is too long to be a short story, but too short to be a full-length novel.  You can usually read one in one sitting, especially if it’s a slightly long sitting 🙂

The novella used to be a hard sell–trade publishers didn’t want them because they were too short to provide a good return on investment, and magazines publishers didn’t want them because they took up enough space for several short stories.  Readers have always loved the format, though, and we’re finding that with the digital revolution the novella is making a comeback.

Taran shouldn’t exist.

And if the most powerful necromancer in the world has his way–he won’t.

Taran’s life is full of contradictions.  In a world where sorcery doesn’t exist, young Taran is a sorcerer.  Dreams should be harmless and private, but Taran’s entire village dies, because of a dream.  He has a frightening, unique talent, powerful enemies, and murderous vengeance to seek.

Why was his hometown ruthlessly destroyed?

Why do horrible events continue to follow him wherever he goes?

He must face his fate, and find his freedom, in the Crystal Cave.

A Fantasy Novella

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Concerto – Book One of the Alexis Brooks Series

Concerto, the first book in the Alexis Brooks Series, is now available under the Onda Mountain Books imprint.

As part of the re-release with Onda Mountain Books, the series has had cover redesigns.  We’ve stayed close to the original cover art to avoid confusing readers, but we think you’ll appreciate the bold styling of our new design.

Concerto is the first in a series of fast-paced, tightly-plotted, page-turning romantic suspense novels, featuring violinist Chrispen Marnett and virtuoso Alexis Brooks.  Book Two, The Lost Concerto, is currently in production to release under the Onda Mountain label as well.

“I see you.”

Three simple words from her telephone in the dead of night send violinist Chrispen Marnett’s life spiraling in directions she never imagined.  The chance to work with the greatest violinist alive drew her to Newton, but nothing could have prepared her for what she found there.  Terror lurks in innocent places–a ringing phone, a late-night rehearsal, unexpected flowers.

And what could have prepared her for Alexis Brooks: symphony concertmaster, international superstar, and accused murderer?  Withdrawn and moody, Alexis is cut off from everyone around him; his colleagues in the symphony, his fans, even his own father.  Everyone from her mother to the Newton Police has warned Chrispen against Alexis, but as her own danger increases, he may be her only ally.

Join Chrispen on the journey of a lifetime as she fights for her sanity, her happiness, and her life.  To survive, she must unravel the layers of the past and learn the secrets the Newton Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra hides.

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